Included on trip:

  • All Accommodations
  • All Breakfasts & Some Dinners
  • Transportation with Driver

Morocco, with its scattered natural splendors, and its rich folklore offers real opportunities to go for perfectly balanced and magnificent tours throughout the immense desert.

We provide you safe travels to great locations all around Morocco. Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in the world and by this, stands for one of the best holiday destinations and extremely good Saharan destinations, and circuits all around the Sahara desert.

On this tour you will have the chance to discover not only the Sahara but through it, you will learn how to find oneself and an idea of eternity! We will see the dunes sand, the plates desert, the nomads of the desert under the tent as well as the mountains of the Atlas. We encounter the gorges of an extreme, and wild beauty of the Moroccan south, the nomads of the mountain, the oasis, Date palms marry with ochre of the ground and give impressionist tone of fabric, the Wadis, the Kasbahs, Ksars, the medina, quiet testimonies this thousand-year-old know-how, the souks: weddings of the words, the colors and the perfumes...

It would be a chance to appreciate the legendary hospitality of the Moroccans of the south, their culture, their life mode, and their traditions, strong images of imposing landscapes and historic sites which make the richness of the south.