Atlas Mountains

The Homestay Location:

The shelter opens its doors all year, it is located in a very calm area where visitors can settle in the trees of walnut and cherry for relaxation. In addition, they can also plant tents in case they want to camp, with reasonable prices.

If there are people who prefer to spend the nights in tents qui'ils prevail, we have a kitchen ready so they can prepare their meals.

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Featured: Discovery Trophy

Atlas Walkers agency, founded in 2009, is an agency specializing in trips to Morocco and especially in the Atlas and Marrakech region. Trips it organizes, very oriented trek to discover an authentic Morocco, favoring nights in lodges or shelters, thereby meeting with residents.

Trophée Découverte - L'agence Atlas Walkers, créée en 2009, est une agence spécialisée dans les excursions au Maroc et spécialement dans l'Atlas et la région de Marrakech. Les voyages qu'elle organise, trés orientés trek, font découvrir un Maroc authentique, privilégiant des nuits en gites ou en refuges, favorisant ainsi la rencontre avec les habitants.

Tourtatine Homestay:

In addition to our cottage allows you to its location, has access to other places known by their scenic landscapes. Tourtatine and the experience of its owner and its workers, guides, mules, cook, you proposes walking, hiking and trekking according to the start point of your walk.


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